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Have you had bad experiences with Excel Projects?


Have you ever had difficulty picking up a former associates’ Excel Project?


Have you ever thought that Excel just cannot be relied on?


i-cr004.gifHave you ever found a huge error in your Excel Project AFTER you submitted it to your manager?   



When faced with a new Excel Project have you ever asked, “where do I start?”


When partially through an Excel Project have you ever asked, “what do I do now?”





















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I wrote this book to answer those questions.


I wanted to pass on the techniques, I had developed to those I will not have a chance to help personally.


I wanted to provide Corporate Controllers and Chief Financial Officers (CFO) with a common operating procedure that their departments can use when developing or upgrading Excel projects.


One of the more difficult tasks that individual contributors and finance managers must deal with is updating an Excel project when the developer has left the firm. I used my years of experience in section VI of this book to assist in navigating through this difficult time of transition.


Table of Contents


Section I

What to Do Before You Start


Section II

How to Get Where You Want to Go


Section III

Working with Formulas and Formatting


Section IV

Important Mid Game Considerations


Section V

What to Do When You Think You Are



Section VI

How to decipher and Change Someone Else’s Excel Project

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If you would like to hear me speak about the book and receive a copy there is a MeetUp on the 23rd.  



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